11th International Course, Advances in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.

300 Doctors attended the International Course in Barcelona on April 27/8th, run by the Institute Javier de Benito. Here we discussed many of the techniques and issues surrounding the Silhouette Soft suture, used in a non surgical face lift. We discussed and observed the techniques of the face lift, neck lift, nose lift, bow lift, arm lift, buttock and breast lift. Only recognized doctors are able to carry out these procedures, and Dr Chris Quinn is only 1 of a handful of Doctors in Scotland who are authorized in the use of this suture technique.

One interesting use is the ability of the suture when placed properly to open up the nostrils to aid breathing easier. Those of you whose nose ‘collapses’ in when breathing, especially in athletes, then this could be a very good option for you to aid breathing more comfortably.

For the face lift and brow lift various techniques were discussed at length over the 2 day conference to get the required look. Brow lifts for sagging eyebrows were combined to get that more youthful look.

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11th International Course.

Leacture Theatre

Dr de Benito with Dr Quinn at the Silhouette Soft course.

1 hour face lift with the amazing Silhouete Soft single Suture

Yes a ‘lunchtime’ face lift with a single suture using the Silhouette Soft method. This innovative technology allows a single suture to be placed in areas that needs lifting, just under the skin and the patented cone design allows for lifting by pulling in one direction and it can’t slip back.

Silhouette Soft™ is a new treatment which is proven to counteract the effects of volume loss. Silhouette Soft™ will allow you to arrest the signs of aging in a completely safe way – and one that lasts. The components of Silhouette Soft are natural and entirely absorbable*. After Silhouette Soft™ treatment, your cheeks will appear slightly elevated and will show more volume.

• Redefining your features the soft way : no incision though there is a needle point insertion site

• Immediate natural results, a 30 minute treatment provided by Qaesthetics

• Immediate return to work and social life after treatment

After a Silhouette Soft™ treatment you will notice that your appearance is relaxed and that your face appears refreshed. The process provides rejuvenation but, at the same time, maintains the mobility and vivacity of your facial expressions. Ofcourse it can be used in conjunction with Dermal fillers, face peels or a variety of other treatments.

Ask Qaesthetics today what Silhouette Soft™ can do for you !

Silhouette Soft™ Sutures are made in Michigan, USA, and have been developed on the back of 6 years of experience in suspension sutures with cones, with the highest quality and care.

The application of ISO 13485 standards in the company comply with the requirements of European Directive 93 / 42.

Silhouette Soft™ is cleared for the European market with CE certification 0499.

Dr Quinn will be at the International Congress on the advances using this technology to get specialist training to perfect his technique for you!.

Royal Society of Medicine 5th Annual Interventional Cosmetics Meeting

As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine I recently attended a meeting on Interventional cosmetic medicine and what a meeting it was!. Speakers came from around the world and demonstrations of advanced techniques for non surgical rhinoplasty [ 'a nose job'] were there educating me on how effective it is, how to do it and what compounds to use . Some of the nose reshaping was quite impressive with placement of the reagents in the right places. Dr Jean -Pierre Amsellen from Bordeaux gave practicle advice on the whole procedure as well as demonstrating the injection sites and the technical stuff as well.

Well I learned a lot particularly about placement which is key to a good result and the angle calculations to get the best effect . It will certainly improve my technique and outcomes.

Also reported were possible complications of filling in the temporal region. Most notably , but I stress very rarely, blindness. It is not entirely clear how this occurs but it is thought to be related to injection into a blood vessel particularly if that area has been treated before and there is fibrosis. I certainly was aware of this and as such I inject here high to avoid this very rare complication.

Also a new technique for pulling up the jaw line and reshaping the face was demonstrated , it is called Silhouette Soft and I will be looking into this in more depth as it is like a surgical face lift but a lot less expensive. Results are impressive.

Botox enhancer pills.

A new supplement “keeps wrinkles at bay for 30% longer”, the Daily Mail has reported.

The news is based on the results of a small trial that found that dietary supplementation with “Zytaze” – a combination of zinc and the enzyme phytase – can increase the effectiveness and duration of botulinum toxin (botox) injections.

Botox is a neurotoxin, which means it can disrupt normal nerve function. Neurotoxins can be useful at tiny doses as they can lead to a temporary smoothing of skin, reducing wrinkles. In most cases this lasts for around three months.

There are also several medical conditions that botox can be used to treat, such as benign essential blepharospasm – a nerve condition that causes involuntary closure of one or both eyelids.

Zinc is thought to be required in order for botox to act as a neurotoxin. The phytase contained in this new pill is an enzyme that can reduce the time it takes for zinc to break down inside the body. Combining the two may “boost” the effects of botox.

The authors reported that this caused clinically important improvements for some patients, particularly in people with blepharospasm that had previously not responded well to treatment. However, several participants also experienced adverse effects caused by the botulinum toxin being too effective, such as being unable to close their eyes (lagophthalmos).

Further studies will be required to confirm the findings of this study and to determine the optimum dose. It is advisable to consult your GP before taking this supplement in combination with botox injections.

Qaesthetics Comment , there probably is some benefit here but the small study and the rapid product to market would raise caution as to its pronounced additive effect . One can buy these items: – zinc and phytase from health food shops . If you would like more information please read the NHS article and if you want this treatment it can be purchased in the Qaesthetics Shop .

PRP therapy [ know in USA as Vampire Face Lift ]

Now available at Qaesthetics. This State of the Art procedure in facial rejuvenation uses concentrated growth factors derived from your blood to inject into and below the skin to revitalise the skin structure, resulting in smoother fresher skin . Wrinkles are improved and can be supplemented with other treatments such as dermal fillers .

We have chosen the Market leader Regen to supply us with their closed PRP system kits for your comfort and safety. click on Youtube link to see Dr Quinn carry out the mid face lift process with this technique.

We are offering free tooth whitening [ Worth £240 ] and deep stimulating skin peels with some of the treatments options to enhace your experience .

Free telephone consultation if you require more information .

Visit the Qaesthetic’s Regen website here http://regenprp.qaesthetics.co.uk


Qaesthetics are now a PRIORI outlet. This product line is again one of our top of the range soultions to facial care. The powerful antioxidants in these products are designed to bring back your youthful look and then  preserve it. Skin analysis consultation required to get the best from these products.


New Website now up and running

Well after a few months of design , its finally here.  Added Online booking , shop, Chat , various forms for feedback , and some business support. Hope you like . Payment gateway is by PayPal until I see how that goes , but can also offer Streamline payments as well. Promotional offers Monthly, and evening demo’s and product demonstrations .

Awaiting authorisation from PRIORI for their amazing products so , watch this space it wont be too long .

Love to hear from you …. Qaesthetics team .

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Welcome to our new website . We have spent a few months developing various aspects of the site and hope you like them . You can now chat to Dr Quinn Online on Tuesdays 8-9pm to ask about anything you want to do with Aesthetic Facial Care , Book appointments online , order products which carry a Loyalty Points to be redeemed against treatments or products , membership discounts , promotional evenings , feedback forms , and lots of information for your education. Help us develop further with your suggestions.