Botox enhancer pills.

A new supplement “keeps wrinkles at bay for 30% longer”, the Daily Mail has reported.

The news is based on the results of a small trial that found that dietary supplementation with “Zytaze” – a combination of zinc and the enzyme phytase – can increase the effectiveness and duration of botulinum toxin (botox) injections.

Botox is a neurotoxin, which means it can disrupt normal nerve function. Neurotoxins can be useful at tiny doses as they can lead to a temporary smoothing of skin, reducing wrinkles. In most cases this lasts for around three months.

There are also several medical conditions that botox can be used to treat, such as benign essential blepharospasm – a nerve condition that causes involuntary closure of one or both eyelids.

Zinc is thought to be required in order for botox to act as a neurotoxin. The phytase contained in this new pill is an enzyme that can reduce the time it takes for zinc to break down inside the body. Combining the two may “boost” the effects of botox.

The authors reported that this caused clinically important improvements for some patients, particularly in people with blepharospasm that had previously not responded well to treatment. However, several participants also experienced adverse effects caused by the botulinum toxin being too effective, such as being unable to close their eyes (lagophthalmos).

Further studies will be required to confirm the findings of this study and to determine the optimum dose. It is advisable to consult your GP before taking this supplement in combination with botox injections.

Qaesthetics Comment , there probably is some benefit here but the small study and the rapid product to market would raise caution as to its pronounced additive effect . One can buy these items: – zinc and phytase from health food shops . If you would like more information please read the NHS article and if you want this treatment it can be purchased in the Qaesthetics Shop .