Royal Society of Medicine 5th Annual Interventional Cosmetics Meeting

As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine I recently attended a meeting on Interventional cosmetic medicine and what a meeting it was!. Speakers came from around the world and demonstrations of advanced techniques for non surgical rhinoplasty [ 'a nose job'] were there educating me on how effective it is, how to do it and what compounds to use . Some of the nose reshaping was quite impressive with placement of the reagents in the right places. Dr Jean -Pierre Amsellen from Bordeaux gave practicle advice on the whole procedure as well as demonstrating the injection sites and the technical stuff as well.

Well I learned a lot particularly about placement which is key to a good result and the angle calculations to get the best effect . It will certainly improve my technique and outcomes.

Also reported were possible complications of filling in the temporal region. Most notably , but I stress very rarely, blindness. It is not entirely clear how this occurs but it is thought to be related to injection into a blood vessel particularly if that area has been treated before and there is fibrosis. I certainly was aware of this and as such I inject here high to avoid this very rare complication.

Also a new technique for pulling up the jaw line and reshaping the face was demonstrated , it is called Silhouette Soft and I will be looking into this in more depth as it is like a surgical face lift but a lot less expensive. Results are impressive.

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