11th International Course, Advances in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.

300 Doctors attended the International Course in Barcelona on April 27/8th, run by the Institute Javier de Benito. Here we discussed many of the techniques and issues surrounding the Silhouette Soft suture, used in a non surgical face lift. We discussed and observed the techniques of the face lift, neck lift, nose lift, bow lift, arm lift, buttock and breast lift. Only recognized doctors are able to carry out these procedures, and Dr Chris Quinn is only 1 of a handful of Doctors in Scotland who are authorized in the use of this suture technique.

One interesting use is the ability of the suture when placed properly to open up the nostrils to aid breathing easier. Those of you whose nose ‘collapses’ in when breathing, especially in athletes, then this could be a very good option for you to aid breathing more comfortably.

For the face lift and brow lift various techniques were discussed at length over the 2 day conference to get the required look. Brow lifts for sagging eyebrows were combined to get that more youthful look.

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11th International Course.

Leacture Theatre

Dr de Benito with Dr Quinn at the Silhouette Soft course.

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